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Pennsylvania Department of Human Services - Lifesharing in Beaver County
Lifesharing, also known as Family Living, supports individuals with intellectual disabilities to live with qualified unrelated adults who provide support in their home. Up to two individuals with a disability can live in a lifesharing home and be supported by ODP funding. Most lifesharing homes are licensed and inspected to ensure the health and welfare of individuals being served. Individuals in lifesharing also have supports coordinators to monitor the quality of services on a regular basis.

Lifesharing means living with and sharing life experiences with supportive persons who form a caring household. Lifesharing is recognized as both a close personal relationship and a place to live. Lifesharers offer individuals the opportunity to be part of a family and to participate in community life. Lifesharers and individuals are carefully matched and supported by qualified professionals to achieve the personâ??s program objectives. Birth families are encouraged to be part of the matching process and continue to have close relationships with individuals who choose a lifesharing option.

Everyday Living options can be a variety of settings such as lifesharing, as well as support provided to individuals living in their own home, and in the homes of relatives and friends. Services in these settings are authorized based on individual support plans and monitored by supports coordinators on a regular basis as well. Individuals who choose these options come from a variety of places including community homes and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs/ID).

<b>If you take part in Lifesharing</b><ul><li>you will be matched with a person or family who wants you to be part of their lives</li><li>your Individual Support Plan (ISP) Team which includes you, your birth family, supports coordinator and others will help you find the best match</li><li>you will be living and sharing experiences in a private home, and have opportunities to be active in your community</li><li>the Caregiver in your Lifesharing home will help you achieve your goals and desires for an everyday life</li><li>your birth family can continue to be involved in your life</li></ul><b>If you are a Caregiver in Lifesharing you will gain</b><ul><li>a friend and companion</li><li>the unique gifts and talents the individual brings to the relationship</li><li>the opportunity to make a difference in someoneâ??s life</li><li>support of the Lifesharing community</li><li>a generous stipend</li><li>care breaks and training</li></ul>

<b>County Provider</b>
<a href=""target="blank">Passavant Memorial Homes</a>
For more information visit<ul><li><a href=��target=�blank�>PA Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)</a></li><li><a href=""target="blank"> Pennsylvania Lifesharing Coalition</a></li></ul>
301 Fifth Avenue
Piatt Place, Rm 490
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
Phone/FAX Numbers
  • (412) 565-5144 Main
  • (412) 565-5479 Fax
Intake Procedure: Call or visit website.
Service Contact: Jym Sledziewski, 724-847-6225,
  • Residential Placement Services for People With Disabilities
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Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs, Western Region Office
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