Emily Aubele is PA 211’s New VP!

United Way of Pennsylvania is happy to announce that Emily Aubele has been promoted to Vice President of PA 211. Emily has immersed herself in the work of PA 211 over her 4.5 years with the organization, and quickly grew to become a respected and trusted voice on our statewide PA 211 team. She is passionately committed to serving Pennsylvanian’s who turn to PA 211 for help, and has in fact been a key player driving the system forward during her tenure with our organization.

Emily has worked closely with the teams at our regional 211 providers to grow and strengthen the service. There are great opportunities ahead for PA 211 as we improve our database backbone technology, and through our combined advocacy and outreach, help current and potential partners understand how 211 is positioned to bring unique value-add to our communities and improve equity. 

PA 211 is a subsidiary of United Way of Pennsylvania, and the VP of PA 211 and the President of UWP will work together closely to continue to strengthen the impact of 211 across our state. 

Congratulations, Emily!

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