Your Voice Matters

Check out our opportunities to participate in state and federal communications to lawmakers, to bolster our asks for legislation that works for all Pennsylvanians. Visit the Advocacy page on

Volunteer Opportunities

To give back to your community, view local organizations that are accepting volunteers.

Your Support Matters, No Matter How Small.

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, our neighbors who were already struggling to make ends meet will be left more vulnerable than ever, and people who have never had to ask for help before are being forced to reach out. By helping us link community members in need to crucial local resources, you give them the ability to weather this crisis through access to food, housing, financial assistance, and more.

Your contribution allows the overwhelming number of people in need right now to access a lifeline that they desperately need during these difficult times. Join the fight to support Pennsylvanians who are unable to meet their basic needs, now more than ever.

Donate To 211 Today

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