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Air Care Alliance
Air Care Alliance
Provides the only one-stop central listing for free air transportation services provided by volunteer pilots and charitable aviation groups. Public benefit flying may be available for health care, patient transport, disaster relief, environmental support, educational experiences for youth and other missions of public service.

Free services are generally provided when financial need or other special circumstances mean a compelling human need would go unfulfilled. They are not provided when insurance or other funds can provide commercial transport via air ambulance, charter, or airline.

2060 State Highway 595
Lindrith, NM 87029
Eligibility: Persons requiring flight transportation for health care, patient transport, disaster relief, environmental support and missions of public service. Infants and children up to age 18 with chronic and life threatening illnesses.
Hours: 24/7
Angel Flight East
Angel Flight East - Medical Air Transportation
Passenger Information

This is intended to provide you with some general information about how Angel Flight East ("AFE") arranges air transportation for those in need. Please read this carefully and feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

AFE is a Pennsylvania Not-for-Profit Corporation whose activities are governed by its officers and Board of Directors who serve on a volunteer basis, without compensation.

AFE employs no pilots and owns no aircraft but relies upon the donation of pilot services and aircraft in carrying out its mission. The role of AFE is to find a pilot willing to undertake your transportation needs and to make all necessary arrangements to facilitate your flight.

Flights arranged by AFE are not commercial flights and are not governed by the same standards as airline or charter flights. The pilots are not acting as agents of AFE, but as independent volunteers willing to help you with your transportation needs. AFE employs full and/or part time Mission Coordinator (s) who, along with volunteer Mission Coordinators, will attempt to obtain a pilot and aircraft suitable to the passenger's transportation needs. While we make every effort to help those in need, we cannot possibly accommodate all requests for transportation.

The following information is provided to help you understand our operations. We are always available to answer your questions.

Waiver of Liability

Flying is generally a safe activity. Nonetheless, there are risks and hazards in flying just as in other forms of transportation and all human activities. Because even the threat of litigation could impair the ability of AFE to recruit pilots, aircraft and people to serve as officers, directors, employees and volunteers, all passengers are required to sign a Waiver of Liability.

If you are unwilling to give up any and all rights to recover for property damage, personal injury and/or death arising out of your flight, regardless of cause, you must seek other means of transportation.

We require that you sign the waiver when you first request AFE's assistance. In addition, your pilot will require that you sign the waiver before embarking on each flight. Each passenger accompanying a patient must also sign the Waiver of Liability. If any passenger is a minor or otherwise not competent to sign, the Waiver must be signed by his/her legal representative. If your trip requires a link with a pilot from another volunteer pilot organization, you can expect them to require that you sign a separate Waiver.

Medical Information
AFE must obtain medical information from your health care providers in order to document the medical need for your flight and to assure that your medical condition does not prevent you from flying safely.

You or your legal representative will be asked to sign an Authorization for release of this information to AFE. Except as authorized by you, AFE and the pilots will do our utmost to keep all medical information strictly confidential.

Qualifications for licensing of pilots are set and enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All pilots have passed rigorous written and practical flight tests prior to licensing.

In addition, the FAA requires that all pilots receive a flight review and medical certification at least every two years. There are also requirements for recent flight experience. All pilots accepting missions arranged by AFE represent that he or she meets any such requirements for the flight to be undertaken. AFE does not make any independent determination of pilot qualifications, although it may employ guidelines regarding minimum pilot experience.

The Pilot in Command alone, not AFE, makes all decisions about the conduct of a flight. Our policy is that pilots should never compromise safety in order to accept or complete a mission.

Therefore, there is always the possibility that safety concerns, such as weather or mechanical problems, could cause the postponement or cancellation of your flight. Your pilot will be happy to answer any questions regarding his or her qualifications.

Aircraft are certified under regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the FAA has strict maintenance requirements for all aircraft.

It is the responsibility of the Pilot in Command to determine that all FAA required maintenance has been performed and that the aircraft is airworthy for the intended flight.

AFE relies upon the certification of the Pilot that the aircraft meets all applicable requirements. AFE does not make any independent inspection of the aircraft. Your pilot will be able to answer any questions about his or her aircraft.

Expenses of Flight
The pilot donates all expenses of your flight. AFE does not reimburse pilots for expenses. You will never be asked to contribute to these expenses or to make a donation in consideration of your flight.

AFE does not accept such donations. If you have any questions about these topics, please call your mission coordinator or our office. You will be directed to the proper person to answer your questions.

Mission Coordinators
Mission Coordinators are responsible for all aspects of arranging Angel Flights. In addition to finding an available pilot with suitable aircraft, they determine medical and financial need and obtain all required documentation for the flight. In doing so, they must frequently contact your clinical social worker, physicians or other health care providers. Our Mission Coordinators have a challenging, time-consuming job in arranging for your flight and many others simultaneously. Please give them your full cooperation.

Owners who donate the use of their aircraft are required to have liability insurance and to provide AFE evidence of insurance. AFE does not conduct any additional independent investigation of the existence or maintenance of such coverage.

Your pilot should be able to answer any questions about the insurance on his or her aircraft. AFE and its staff, officers, and directors may or may not have insurance at any given time depending upon its availability at affordable rates. We will be happy to disclose all available insurance information upon request. However it should be understood that the existence of any insurance is not intended to negate or limit the validity or enforceability of the Waiver of Liability.

This information explains how Angel Flight East (AFE) arranges air transportation for those in need. AFE relies on the donation of private pilots and aircrafts in carrying out its mission. AFE coordinates with a volunteer pilot and the individual who needs to be flown for medical treatment.

Call 1-800-383-9464 to request additional information about a flight.
1501 Narcissa Road
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Hemodialysis Patients Association of NEPA
Hemodialysis Patients Association of NEPA
Transportation is provided for patients in Susquehanna County who suffer from renal disease.
512 Lackawanna Avenue
Mayfield, PA 18433
Med-Trans - Transportation
Transports non-emergency patients to care facilities.
100 Mount Laurel Court
Parkesburg, PA 19365
Angel Flight East
Angel Flight East - Medical Air Transportation
Hemodialysis Patients Association of NEPA
Hemodialysis Patients Association of NEPA
Med-Trans - Transportation
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