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International Service Center
Provides translation/interpretation service, citizenship assistance, counseling, food assistance, and technical assistance and training, such as peer internships, on-the-job training, consultations, lectures, and workshops.
21 South River Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Eligibility: • Translation/Interpretation service is for immigrants from Southeast
Asia, Bosnia, Middle East and former Soviet Union. • Translation and
assistance for driver's license exams for clients in Lancaster and
Dauphin counties. Appointment required for special accommodations with
PENNDOT. • Counseling for Southeast Asian clients in Harrisburg only.
• Emergency food assistance for low-income and unemployed clients in
Dauphin Counties. • Technical assistance and training has no set
limitations on area of service. Appointment required. • Citizenship
assistance is for refugees.
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm
Church World Service - Lancaster
Lancaster - Immigration & Refugee Program
Immigration Counseling: Accredited to give low cost legal immigration advice and assistance, representing clients before the Immigration Services and the Courts. Help clients fill out forms for a nominal fee. Experience with family petitions, citizenship, application for green cards, work permits, green card replacement, travel documents, bond hearings, master calendar hearings, and more.

- Refugee Resettlement and Match Grant Program: Work with community-based and faith-based groups to resettle refugees who come to them through the US Refugee Program. Also works with individuals who have received asylum status. Funds are only available for those refugees who were resettled by their office or asylees who were accepted into their Match Grant Program.

- Intensive Case Management and Navigation Support Program, offering intensive, extended and short-term support to eligible individuals and families. Assists refugees, asylees, victims of trafficking, SIVS, and Cuban/Haitian Entrants within 3-5 years of arrival to UA. No fees charged.

Accepts donations of lightly used furniture and household goods in good condition, by appointment only. No appliances. Only for refugees an some asylees. Limited storage and manpower.
308 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
Eligibility: Immigration Program: Open to anyone; All other programs only open to
refugees, asylees, victims of trafficking.
Hours: Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm; Intake hours: Call
for appointment
County of Lancaster
Lancaster County Prothonotary
Filing office for cases before the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas involving Custody; Divorce; New Suits; Civil Appeals; Landlord/Tenant Appeals; Liens, Judgments and Satisfactions; Mortgage Foreclosures; Protection From Abuse; Change of Name; Mental Health Commitments.

Passport Acceptance facility (including photos).

Host local Naturalization Ceremonies in coordination with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. NOT A HELP CENTER. Office must maintain neutrality and CANNOT offer legal advice or provide assistance in preparing filings.
Lancaster County Courthouse
50 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17608
Eligibility: Open to the public
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm
Passports: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm by appointment only
International Service Center
Church World Service - Lancaster
Lancaster - Immigration & Refugee Program
County of Lancaster
Lancaster County Prothonotary
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