“211 helped us after I got hurt and our finances spiraled out of control.”

Due to her diabetes, Eve, 66, heals slowly from injuries. When she still had chronic pain long after she broke her ankle, a specialist determined that the bones hadn’t knit together. He rebuilt her ankle surgically, and cautioned that it would be months before she could put weight on it. Eve and her husband live frugally on his retirement benefit. He usually made a few extra dollars doing odd jobs; he’d been busy caring for Eve, though, and they’d fallen behind on their bills. They were running out of heating fuel and groceries. Eve called PA 211 Northwest when a shutoff notice arrived from the electric utility. She’d tried to make a partial payment but had been told it wasn’t enough, and that the terms of their payment plan couldn’t be changed. The Resource Navigator sent Eve a list of resources for utility and mortgage payment assistance; food pantries; and programs for seniors. Two weeks later, Eve told 211 that Center for Family Services had agreed to replenish their propane tanks. She was getting food assistance, and had been advised that she could delay the shutoff with a medical certification. The Resource Navigator reviewed Eve’s options for negotiating with the utility, and gave her several more referrals. Eve still has problems to solve. But she’s on the mend and optimistic, thanks to 211.

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