“I had no idea that all these programs existed.”

Sarah was behind on her electric bill after an unexpected medical expense. She was shocked when the shut-off notice arrived; this had never happened to her before. Since it was summer, she wondered how she was going to keep fresh food in the fridge and a comfortable, cool house for herself and her two children.

Unsure where to start, Sarah searched for guidance online. She found pa211.org, and used it to search for electric bill payment assistance in her area. A number of programs came up, and after reading the details, she identified three programs that she might be eligible for.

That afternoon, Sarah called the agencies she had found. Although the first one she called wasn’t able to help, the second one got her enrolled in a program for emergency utility bill assistance. They also let her know that if she was ever worried about being able to pay a bill, she should contact her utility company. Many of them offer payment plans, which she didn’t know was an option.

“I just had no idea that all these programs even existed; this has been so helpful to me.” – Sarah, Southcentral PA

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