Rising energy costs hit people who can least afford it, like me, the hardest. 211 can help.

After he pays his rent and utility bills, Warren, 56, only has a few hundred dollars left for essential non-housing expenses like food and health care. He economizes wherever he can and tries to reduce his electricity usage, but he still feels the squeeze of soaring energy costs. Warren doesn’t have a computer or cellphone, so he can’t access many assistance programs on his own. He called PA 211 Southwest after a friend told him it was a good place to get help. The Resource Navigator offered to tell Warren about resources to meet a range of his needs. Warren was most concerned about his energy bill, though, so as the Resource Navigator talked, he wrote down the contact information for six public and private organizations that provide utility assistance. A few weeks later, when the Resource Navigator called back to see how he was, Warren said that he’d applied for and received a LIHEAP grant. Unless he had unexpected expenses, he thought he’d be able to manage now. He thanked the Resource Navigator for giving him the information. Warren’s a man of few words; it’s not easy for him to ask for help and he doesn’t like to share a lot of personal information. He appreciated that the Resource Navigator didn’t judge or pressure him. 211 was just what he needed.

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